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Windows 8 for Dummies - Free PDF Tutorial 2012

Windows 8 for Dummies - Tutorial 2012

Treat this book like you would a dictionary or other reference text. Turn to the page with the information you need and say, “Ah, so that’s what they’re talking about.” Then put down the book and move on.Instead of fancy computer jargon, this book covers the topics you’re looking for in plain English. You don’t have to memorize anything. Just turn to the appropriate page, read the brief explanation, and get back to work. Unlike other books, this one enables you to bypass the technical hoopla and still get your work done.You don’t have to become a Windows 8 expert, you just need to know enough to get by quickly, cleanly,and with a minimum of pain so that you can move on to the more pleasant things in life.Best of all, you can get what you need out of this book whether you’re working on a touchscreen, laptop, or desktop computer.

What’s New in Windows 8

New StartBecause the Windows desktop no longer contains the traditional Start button and Start menu that sprouted from the corner, you now must retreat to the new Start screen. To open a program, click or tap a program’s tile from the Start screen, and Windows shuffles you back to the desktop, where the newly opened program awaits.Love it or hate it, the new Start screen plays an integral role in Windows 8. This chapter explains how to make the most of it, whether you want to enjoy it or avoid it as much as possible.

The new Start screen in Windows 8 whisks you away from the traditional Windows desktop and drops you into a foreign land with no helpful translator at your side. That’s right: Windows 8 no longer has a Start button or a Start menu.Instead, the new Windows 8 Start screen, shown in Figure 1-7, appears whenever you turn on your computer.Whereas older Windows versions had a small Start menu on a desktop, the Windows 8 Start screen fills the entire screen with large tiles stretching beyond the right edge. Each tile represents a program installed on your computer

Adding new apps from the Store app

windows 8 tutorialWhen you’re tired of the apps bundled with Windows 8 or you need a new app to fill a special need, follow these steps to bring one into your computer.The Store opens to show the Spotlight category,but scrolling to the right reveals many more categories,such as Games, Books and Reference,News and Weather, and others.Sort by subcategory, price, and noteworthiness,and choose apps that look interesting.For example, you can sort by subcategory, limiting the Games category to show only Card games.Some categories also let you sort by price, and you can choose Free, Paid, or Trial.

And if you sort by noteworthiness, Microsoft shows you which apps are Newest, have the Highest Rating,or have the Lowest Price. (Hedge fund managers may sort by Highest Price, as well.)When you find a free app that you can’t live without,click the Install button. Paid apps let you click either Buy or Try (a limited trial run). If you choose to install, try, or buy an app, its tile appears on your Start screen as quickly as your Internet connection speed allows.Newly downloaded apps appear in a group on the Start screen’s far-right edge.

Viewing Photos from the Start Screen

tutorialThe two-headed beast of Windows 8 naturally includes two ways to view your digital photos on your computer: the Start screen’s Photos app and the Desktop app’s Photo Viewer.The Start screen’s Photos app works best for quickly showing off photos. It pulls in photos from your social networks such as Facebook and Flickr, making it easy
to display all your photos from within one program.What the Photos app lacks, however, are options. It won’t rotate a sideways photo so it’s right-side-up.You can’t see the date you snapped a photo,or which camera snapped it. It’s awkward for managing photos.It can’t print,or can it crop.

Pictures Library: These photos live in your own computer, inside your Pictures library.You can see these photos even if you’re not connected to the Internet. Photos stored in the other areas, by contrast, can’t usually be seen without an Internet connection.SkyDrive: These photos live on Microsoft’s huge Internet-connected computers. You can access them from any Internet-connected computer after you enter your Microsoft account and password.Facebook: This area shows all the photos you’ve uploaded to your Facebook account..

Download Instructions:

I upload PDF Tutorial to (mgjmp) to be long as possible online and available for download..

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13 November 2012 at 04:46

Nice tutorial.this is what i need for my new w8 :)

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Enjoy :)

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I need this tutorial..New Windows 8 is a bit strange and difficult.Tnx

16 November 2012 at 12:37

You're welcome Ethan :) .. Enjoy using windows 8 ..

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4 December 2012 at 05:59

tutorial is good,everything is beautifully explained.thanks a lot

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